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Rain storms

The weather the past week has been horrible and forced me to reschedule a couple of activities, including some photo-shoots…

Oh well, when life rains, take out your camera!

Disclaimer: Be careful when using your camera and driving and preferably have two hands on the wheel and the camera on a tripod in the car!

The Nine

The Nine Emperors! Well, what did you think? The nine Ringwraiths? Well, unfortunately not. It was a wet and rainy day but my ThinkTank rain covers saved the day!

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Testing 1-2-3…

This is just a test.

More coming soon and the theme will be slowly worked on this week. Apologies for the mess. Renovation in progress!

Petaling Street Photo Walk

On a gray, overcast day, 15 participants were eagerly waiting at the basement of PJEFC Heritage Center. They were all ready to participate in our first ever PhotoWalk trip. Eddy, our friendly bus driver was already there waiting by the roadside.

It was good to spend time with some good friends over photography and good food!

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