Suchan Deli and my GF1

Suchan Deli has been around a fair bit. It was around when I started work at Computing giant Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) was around before it got swallowed by Compaq who got swallowed by HP. Anyways, it had great cakes, great food and a cozy atmosphere. Well, how times have changed. If anyone asked me for a nice comfortable place with good food and will not break the bank, I’ll recommend Food Foundry instead.

We went for dinner which may not be a good idea considering the area Suchan is located in was dark and poorly lit. It didn’t help that the restaurant itself didn’t look inviting. I think now people are looking for bright, cheery, simple and wi-fi! The cluttered interior with lots of knick-knacks is just so 1980s.

The Pai Tee or Top Hats. Not the way I remember how they used to be.
Wild mushroom soup. Only excellent dish we had.
Nothing special here. The Gado-gado was pretty good however.
Note the yellowed banana leaves. Past due. Not good.
Banana-peach crumble. Soggy, black-ish bananas. Sorry, I CAN make better crumble than this!

While they may still make an awesome tiramisu, the rest of the menu is a no-go for me. Well, just maybe, just the wild mushroom soup. All photos – Panasonic GF-1 with 14-45mm lens. ISO2500, RAW, processed with Adobe Camera Raw 5.6. Am loving my lil’ GF1 a lot.