Speedliting tips, tricks, forums

If you’re a Canon shooter, you better be heading over to Syl Arena’s new site and forum if you’ve always wondered about using flash with your Canon system (of course, other DSLR owners are welcome too).

There’s also a big How-to section which will be growing. There’s one interesting post which shares 15 tips for using your speedlite, including this gem below:

1. Understand that the hotshoe is not the best place for your Speedlite.
I know. You paid good money for your camera and your Speedlite. It’s not that you didn’t get the deluxe hotshoe. You did. It’s just that shooting with a Speedlite in the hotshoe is similar to the lighting used to make driver’s license and passport photos. You cannot create interesting light when the main source of light is parked on top of your camera.

But if you’ve only got one light… don’t fret. Here’s one article for you too!

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