An iPhone Problem

What happens when you break your phone. I mean shatter. Well, whether its covered by warranty or not, you’d definitely want it fixed pronto. In today’s mobile, connected, internet world, how is one suppose to have no phone for four to six weeks?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me. With a broken four month old iPhone 3GS, Maxis‘ reply was simple. It’ll be fixed for RM600 to RM700 and you’ll get your phone back within six weeks. I’m not sure how certain (I’ve friends who have had Maxis take up to 8 weeks to get their iPhones fixed) the six weeks was gonna be but it was 5 weeks and five days too many. I expect a 48-hour turnaround at any time for a critical device like this. Otherwise, they better stop billing me anyways.

The broken glass piece

What to do? I put the word out on Twitter and @thebackpackr came to the rescue (via @zilch) to recommend an excellent iPhone repair specialist (well, he certainly qualifies) and I got my phone fixed (glass replaced with an original part) within two hours. If you’d like to contact him, he’s on the Low Yat forums here :

Good as new!