What a year 2008 was!

Last night, I had a couple of friends over to my little box in the sky. It was a small party, only a total of 9 people but it was fun. We had lots of good home cooked food, dessert galore including strawberry crumble and a nice cake. We played taboo (the card game) till about 11:45pm when some early-fused fireworks over at 1-Utama or the Curve started going off. Unfortunately this year, the office tower under construction has blocked our view of the 1U/Curve fireworks but we still were treated to quite a few other spectacular firework displays from Tropicana to Summit and Sunway.

As we also had a good view of the LDP from our living room window, it’s nice to be at a cozy place, chilling out with friends compared to a cramped car, stuck in traffic trying to get to 1U or the Curve. Of course at 12:30am, the traffic snarl was in reverse direction.

Looking back at 2008, well, there has been a whole bunch of unexpected events, many of them were unpleasant and unwelcome but there is a heap of of stuff to be thankful for. From things like health and well-being to having the love of my mind, heart and soul always beside me. From Family to great friends, the support of whom is so important. Above all, is God’s amazing faithfulness and mercy, without which this year will be a disaster. Every step of the way, God has been with us, keeping us safe to make true his promises. There were rough patches but when you look back, God has been there, always and will always be there to see us through. So, yes, 2008 was absolutely fantastic. 2009 will be wonderful because soon, I’ll be moving into the home that the Lord has promised three years ago.

Happy New Year 2009 everybody.