Small camera conundrum

The digital camera industry today is churning out point & shoot cameras like no tomorrow. There are new models released by major manufacturers almost every six months. The real deal is that I find them so boring. Tweak here, tweak there. Raise the megapixel count or put in this silly feature. Nothing really appeals to me despite that I’ve been looking for a small camera since Chinese new Year this year. That means in the last six months, I’ve not found something that I really like.

What could I want in a small camera? My DSLRs churn out amazing image quality and superb full HD movies. Actually, I want a camera I can carry with me 24×7. So what’s the current toss-up? Canon’s SX200IS and Panasonic’s TZ7 (ZS3). At this time, the TZ7 is a strong contender and I’m about 90% sure of getting it. Until of course recently, Panasonic just unveiled a bunch of new compacts. The FX60 looks strong as well. Since Canon usually releases around the third week of August and that’s not very far away, I’ll give myself another month before I jump into the fray 🙂

Panasonic’s excellent TZ7