Shooting Tethered part II

For Canon users, shooting tethered usually means USB cable (or WFT transmitters) and EOS Utility. While fully functional and usable, the only thing I don’t like about the EOS Utility is it will exit (and sometimes still stay in RAM) when you disconnect your camera. While perfectly fine for single session of shots, it doesn’t make sense at least when you occasionally need to disconnect your camera. What is actually needed is a checkbox that says “Don’t exit on Lost connection” and if it’s checked, it should stay around and try to reconnect when the USB cable gets reconnected.

However, now I’m experimenting with DSLR remote in terms of wedding photography. Using a manfrotto lightstand and tripod head adapter, I can actually mount my camera in some location that’s hard to reach or out of bounds when ceremonies begin. Live-view coupled with a laptop with ad-hoc wireless running and my iPhone, I should be able to capture some unique angles and shots. The only drawback I guess is that I need another camera body and lens.