New Canon Stuff

Yeah, this is a late posting. Was busy yesterday with an AsukaBook production plus and bunch of other things.
Of the recent releases from Canon, two are the most interesting; the 7D and the new 100mm macro lens. They still don’t have a Panansonic TZ-7 equivalent so I’ll still be picking that up in October. The EOS-7D adds two important elements, a better AF system and a built-in master flash commander (ala Nikon). The 60FPS 720P video also rocks. I’ll probably get the 7D as a second body in Feb, once my 40D reaches it’s 3-year cycle. I’ve got other photo things to get first which are more important. Not sure how the image quality will stack up with such a dense sensor.

I’m loving the smooth images that have a 3D-feel and the depth that my 5D Mark II produces… I might get a second body as well! However, my biggest want is a better flash than the 580EX II.

For previews of the 7D, you can drop by one of these sites:


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