Day One, many years later

As people grow older, they tend to forget and in some cases, try not to even remember their own birthdays. Maybe it’s the reminder of our mortality and human beings. Three-score and ten, or four-score years if we have the strength is the span of human life. Perhaps even worse this year with all the gloom and doom people around and the economic mess the world is in doesn’t make things any easier.

As this junction in time, there is an unexplainable feeling of richness and wealth. It’s not because I make a big paycheck every month. It’s not because I’ve a big bank account. It’s actually kinda empty. I’m not debt-free, in fact, I’m almost working for the bank. I feel rich because of what I have. Not what I couldn’t have. Not what I want to have. This new year, many Chinese consulted geomancers, did things that will help usher in a Bull run in the year of the ox… some sort of prosperity wish. I did neither. I have what the Lord has promised and His promises are sufficient for me. My darling love of my life and my little home on a small patch of lawn. Good friends, here and some thousands of miles away. This is richness beyond measure. Surely as the Lord says, I will bless you till your cup overflows. Some people have lots of things. I think I’ve lots of joy and happiness. Heh, even mastercard can’t buy you that. So like the lyrics in Matt Redman’s song goes, Even on the road marked with suffering, Blessed be the name of the LORD.

Equally priceless and all the more richer, is the ability to be a blessing to others. That’s legacy. “Yes, oh Lord, establish the works of our hands” and like the Psalmist in Psalms 90 says, what kind of legacy are we building with our lives. I think I did good here if you read what the members have said. I’m humbled and grateful, amazed and glad that somehow, in this big, big world of ours, I made a little difference in a few people. That is legacy.

Happy Birthday to me 🙂 and now, let’s get on with this legacy business!

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  1. DP | @ekhoophotography August 7, 2010 at 6:55 am

    Seems like there’s a raft of people I know who recently lost some stuff due to disk crashes or are looking at ways to store that ever growing pile/stack/stash/gigabytes/terabytes/petabytes of data that people nowadays are generating. Even non-photogra