Awesome Seminar : Jerry Ghionis in KL

Jerry Ghionis’ recently had a one-day seminar in KL and it was definitely worth going! Besides his usual humorous and approachable self, Jerry also dispensed with a lot of advice — what you normally get in a five-day workshop was distilled into just about 9 hours. Of course the classroom was larger, packed with over a hundred eager photographers and you don’t get a hands-on session with models and all that. That said, it still packed a lot of information and Jerry doesn’t hold back one bit. You get the genuine teacher in Jerry and he’s passion about shooting is equaled only by his desire to teach others.

We simply had an awesome time and managed to network with many great photographers as well. And time to start saving for the 5-day workshop!

Just to relate a short story here. I signed up for Jerry’s educational website, the ICE Society and Jerry’s beautiful wife, Georgina refunded me some cash. She told me that the credit card went through without the 20% promotional discount. I didn’t think much about it and went home pretty happy. Last week, I got my credit card statement in my inbox and it had the 20% discount applied. This means that I got 40% discount. I always believed that if you think you deserve to get paid for your services and work done, this also applies to others. I emailed Georgina immediately about the mistake and offered to pay the balance.

To be honest, Jerry and Georgina came across as good people to me. Good as in they were the kind of people you know were genuine 100% honest to goodness folks who made it. This means that I actually knew in my heart they won’t ask for the money. I even knew that even if I offered to pay the balance, they wouldn’t take it.

Well, that is true and Georgina thanked me for my honesty. To me it wasn’t about the discount, the money, or being honest about it. I guess that is the way I was taught or brought up but I can see why Jerry’s successful. Nice guys don’t finish last. They get the money and success (like all the awards he’s won)! Thanks Georgina and Jerry! I’ll send you a Christmas gift in the post!

Awesome experience with Jerry Ghionis!