Went Away

There’s been no updates during the past couple of days as we had our 2008 Cell Group retreat at the lovely OMF Bungalow in Cameron Highlands. There’s also this big tender process thing going on and I’m awfully tired. There’s also the silly flu bug going about the office and I happen to catch it. Insufficient firewalls there!

Had a couple of hundred pix over the lovely weekend with SS4 and the Hsu’s at Camerons but with the work week’s tight schedule and the personal need to rest, please be patient. This evening, when I returned to my little box in the sky condo, I had a slight feeling of Deja Vu… yup, exactly one week ago, I did the same thing when I returned from Louis’ workshop in Penang. After two weekends away, it really does drain you physically although you do get energized in many ways.

Louis energized my vision to see light and shadow and to believe I can do it. The last weekend, Peter energized us to see evangelism as an integral part of everything we do; our lives, our actions, our words and our deeds. Also, for me I think our Group needs to return to the center of it all, the Cross at Calvary. Acceptance. So what of schedules, punctuality, expectations and needs. Christ accepted us for who we are and what we are. The heart of the human problem is the heart of the human. And God’s treatment is prescribed in John 3:16.
He loves.
He gave.
We believe.
We live.

For God
so loved
the world
that he
gave his
O N E   A N D   O N L Y   S O N
in him
shall not
but have