PMA In two weeks…

PMA, the Photo Marketing Association Expo. Las Vegas. January 31st to February 2nd, 2008. What’s to expect? Well, the Nikon-Canon DSLR battle just got wilder with Sony jumping into the fray. All in all, it’s all good for us users and expect the tussle to result in better cams and lower prices. Who’s complaining? So far, just two over weeks into 2008 and we already have:
= Sony A200 DSLR (preorder)
= Casio EX F1 60fps 12X w/RAW
= Nine Kodak cameras + C813
= Four Samsung NV-series and some more
= Four new Casio Exilim compacts
= The Megapixel Wars continue, unfortunately. Everyone knows I prefer image quality over two extra MegaPixels…