Caught in action

Had a jammed pack weekend starting at good friend’s wedding and ending at my parents place doing re-potting and other stuff. A long sleepless week with a few problems didn’t help things much and my wife’s PC decided to expire peacefully at 7:04pm, Thursday, July 31st. Cause of death is two blown capacitors. Oh, well, time to upgrade. Anyways, after conducting a FlashWorks 101 lession on Friday night, I put all the batteries into chargers, packed my gear and slept at 1am.

05:38 : Woke up due to heat and couldn’t get back to sleep
06:20 : Little dog barking (my iPhone alarm clock)
06:32 : Aromatic coffee (Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon) to kickstart the system
06:45 : Shower and soon after, load-up and head-out of the house
07:10 : Arrive at Jalan Selangor House
12:40 : After two houses, arrive home for lunch. Down 500ml of water, 325ml of 100Plus
14:00 : Download photos and take shower. Batch convert from CR2 to JPEG, downsize.
14:45 : Finished shower, and hit the road again.
15:05 : Arrive at Bible College of Malaysia – Wowzers, it’s 100 degress in the shade!
18:30 : Arrive at Bangsar Seafood Garden. Immediate download of photos
18:50 : Test run of first slideshow. Restaurant notebook crashes, Flash doesn’t work on backup PC.
19:01 : Batch conversion from CR2 to JPEG. Test my notebook to Projector
19:20 : Finalize slideshow and re-arrange some (reviewing it yesterday made me realize a few more photo sorting/ordering slips)
00:30 : Arrive home. Take shower.
01:00 : Review my photos and my wife’s photos (from another wedding)
02:30 : Crash into bed.

You can check out the some of photos on Anna-Rina’s blog here. It’s always fantastic to always meet another awesome photographer and how could anyone be more cool than Anna-Rina? Plus she managed to snag my big ass blocking the entire view at Church! Awesome!

© Anna-Rina

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  1. Don't Panik!!! - Eugene's Delicious Blog August 18, 2008 at 2:46 am

    Over the weekend, besides processing photos from two weddings, I also was busy getting other stuff done as well as getting a new old PC built for a good friend. Like I said earlier, I’ve never owned a pre-built PC since I was 17 and probably will continue