Yut Kee – Some things never go out of style

You know comfort stuff — that old t-shirt you always wear or that little pillow you’ve had since you’re ten. How about the food you’ve eaten since you were young? Comfort food probably quite unhealthy if you check with today’s generation of weight-conscious fanatics. I mention fanatics cos I have had the unfortunate experience of knowing (or meeting) quite a few. Can you imagine clamoring and traveling over four hundred kilometers and taking just two scoops of a dessert. Pure waste. Anyways, Yut Kee features a mix of local and western specialties, all interpreted in that old-world Hainanese cooking-wizardry.

After making more than a dozen visits, I can highly recommend this place to anyone but if you just can’t order for four people when you’re the only one there then take a pick from this list and you won’t be disappointed. In no order of taste or preference: Hainanese-style Pork chops, Roti Babi, French Toast with Kaya, Roti Bakar, Curry Noodles, Belacan Fried Rice and the Lam Meen. Lastly, wash all of that down with a nice hot (or iced) cup of home-brewed (a blend of Malayan and Sumatran coffee beans) coffee. Wonderful! Of course by now you’re quite stuffed so I’d say that you have to definitely take-away a few goodies; namely the kaya swiss roll and the marble cake.

Yut Kee, superbly comforting. Opens from 8am to 5pm, closes on Mondays.

35 Jalan Dang Wangi
Kuala Lumpur
T: 03 – 2698 8108