TCO – Total Cost of Ownership…
Two Thousand and Six… the year of the Dog.

Travelled distance – 24,326km
Liters of diesel fuel – 3015.7L (RM 4764)
Engine oil used – 24L (4 times svc) (RM 360 for 25L)
Oil filters – RM150 (4)
Air filters – RM60 (3)
Limited Slip differential repair (RM450)
All belts changed (RM350) (80000km)
Alternator overhaul (RM260)
Insurance (RM1350)
Roadtax (RM1672)


Torsion bar lift (RM200)
New front bars (RM1250)

2007 coming soon: full suspension lift! (Rancho or Tough Dog)