How time flies

My goodness. Time is really flying and soon it’ll be October 6th! Anyways, been busy setting up the infrastructure for the new home. Well, overall, the connection is quite simple. A two-layer router and SPI/IPS firewall ought to keep things safe and sound. Front-line is a Belkin Wireless-G router with basic NAT firewall and routing. The cool thing about this router is the guest access option which allows me to create two WPA keys, one for my network, another for guests. The guest key only allows internet access so overall, pretty cool. Finally, the second layer router is a Cisco Systems 4-port VPN router with packet inspector (SPI) and Intrusion Prevention system (IPS) providing access to my inner network (Green zone). The good thing about this little Cisco box is its ability to have dual-WAN ports – quite useful when you need reliable network connectivity (or higher-speed since it allows load-balancing on two links). Internally, I’ll be relying on a Gigabit switch providing jumbo packet support (essential for large photo and imaging work) and 1000mbps speed! Woohoo! Now let’s see how long TM takes to get me my basic phone and broadband links!