FHM Disaster

Was back at KL Convention Center with its horrible, really limited parking space. First photo-journalist experience since I wasn’t saddled with booth duty today. It was just to get photos of His Excellency, the Ambassador from Netherlands who will be visiting our booth with the Dutch Business council and a bunch of VIPs. First disaster was the batteries in my flash weren’t charged. Yes, I forgot but I was also rushing out a proposal due next Tuesday. Backup batteries also failed (more later). So resorted to my IS lens, ISO 800 and occasionally, on-camera flash! Terrible! Finish shooting at 3:45pm, rush over to Bon Cafe’s booth, get a triple shot latte with hazelnut syrup, download 1.2Gb of photos, select 10 best ones, post-process in Photoshop CS, download to a thumbdrive and off I go to get them printed. This is 2007! Why is the official media booth requiring prints! Are they stuck in 1997?! Anyways, got that all done by 4:31pm, get the heck out of the convention center, smack into a rain induced jam at Jalan Sultan Ismail but managed to get home by 5:15pm. Whew! What a day!

Smile for the camera!

Once home, I decided to condition the dead Sanyo batteries on my Maha C-204W charger but after an hour, something decided to blow up. Charger’s now dead plus I probably won’t kill my other Maha charger so the batteries went into the trash. Hmm, maybe I’d stick with PowerEX 2700s instead of Sanyo’s from now on.