2007, a pause and a moment

As 2006 ended and 2007 began, the fireworks bursting in the sky though blocked by houses and trees, I thought of this entry. Not really a poem but probably a prayer more like it.

At the end of 2006, Thank you Lord for the year passed.
Thanks for the ups and downs and everything in between;
The people, the good and the bad.
For the greatest gift, your Son, On the cross of calvary;
Without whom, there will not be anything else.
Thank you my heavenly father for teaching me love,
For I no longer know how to love, to love right.
Thank you Lord, for my Christmas gift 2 years ago,
My precious darling. One whom I love so much;
With the love only Lord you can provide to me.
Help me forgive those who wronged me,
Forgive me for my numerous failings,
Though yet your grace is always sufficient for me.
Teach me daily how to love this unique darling,
Show me your love Lord, so that I can do the same;
For you are Love.