Two years…
730 days, 17520 hours, 1+ million minutes;
Thousands of miles, hundreds of destinations and places;
From sea level to eleven thousand feet;
A lot of family and friends;
Birthdays, Celebrations and Funerals;
Plate-loads of food, delicious desserts and tong sui;
Moving truck-loads to planting shovel-fulls;
Shopping and buying to unloading a load of junk;
House parties to house-cleaning;
Hot pots and Chocolate fondue;
From shopping malls to waterfalls;
From one company to another, and another;
Tons of laughter and gallons of tears of love, joy and sadness;
Twenty thousand photos but a million hugs and kisses;
A lot of cheong-hei conversations but three important words;
And just ONE.
The ONE I love.

The Color of my world…