So much for the fourteenth…

Almost every news website I visit seems to have some an item about Valentines. The local florist here at SS2 jacked the price of sunflowers up like 33%. I wonder how many people are having dinner tonight, buying high-priced, fixed menus, splurging on chocolates and other fancy cuddlies in hope that they can score or end up in bed? Hmmm. Makes one wonder does it. Of course. Today, at work, a delivery guy came in with a bunch of flowers for a co-worker. Of course that was a nice touch no doubt. My gripe is more towards what’s so special about the fourteenth?

I don’t know about you, but is love all about having a great time, good food, flowers and chocolate? If you think that, then I think you’ll be terribly dissapointed. Love is not just an emotion, on the contrary. It is much more than that. It’s also committment and responsibility, honor and respect. Do you love someone more on their birthdays, anniversaries or valentine’s day? Love is 24×7, 365 days (plus leap year days too). You can go buy your flowers and chocolates if you want, me, I’m going to hug my baby and tell her that she’s the most amazing, delicious person on this earth and how much I love her. And I’ll be doing that more often than just valentine’s.

(BTW, Have you seen how your flowers will look after day four? And you know that chocolate, despite being food for love, will go to her hips? :D)

icon_gray_open_quoteWe love because he first loved us. icon_gray_close_quote
~ 1 John 4:19