Repairs, repairs, repairs!

Forked out over RM2K today.


First was the alternator on my truck decided to give up the ghost. That cost me RM200 for a new battery. Fine but then replacing the alternator cost something altogether different. Since I’ll be going to an Orang Asli village end of March for charity and all, I figured I’ll fix my erratic 4×4 transfer case which randomly decides to refuse to get into 4×4 mode or after a while stop sending power to the front wheels.
That kind of put a damper on my plans. I thought of buying myself a birthday pressie! Another red-ring! A lens that is. I’ve already sold my EF28-135 so I figured the EF24-105L will do nicely for my upcoming US trip and perhaps the wedding I’ve to cover first week of March. Shucks. To buy or not to buy?

A birthday pressie for myself?