Recovering from travel fatigue

Littlerock, California

After a long trip, you tend to get tired out, and a bit fatigued. That’s why some people say you need a vacation to recover from your vacation! While I’m getting used to my bed again and trying to unpack really slowly, it was probably the most fantastic trip I’ve had so far. So, as always, there’s always a lot to be thankful for…

Most of all, God who kept us safe and sound, allowing us thru US/HK immigration and customs with ZERO hassles. KLIA customs didn’t even bother about us! For helping me drive myself and my darling through 4500 kilometers safely, even though I mis-calculating the distance and the few road closures. For keeping our cameras working in cold, dust, forest fire (controlled burn), and wet waterfalls.

Thanks of course goes to my darling for accepting the way I do things (and the speed which I drive), and keeping me awake during those long drives. For showing me a whole new perspective on the world around us through the camera lens, reading all those maps, and mostly, being herself.

Thanks to Andrew (and Elena) for the great company at the Grand Canyon. Jill Odice for hosting us and taking us around Littlerock! YJV for the accomodation at Candlewood, receiving all our packages and goodies… Oh-oh, time to go back to work!