macro \’mak-(.)ro-\ aj [macr-]
1: excessively developed : LARGE, THICK 2: of or involving large quantities 3: GROSS

icon_ltgray_open_quote Taking close-up pictures of small things is called “macro photography.” I have no idea why. Perhaps because the small things in macro photography are generally larger than the things you are taking pictures of when doing “micro photography”. If you really want to be pedantic then you should say you are doing “photomacrography”. icon_ltgray_close_quote

A most green bulb!

Well, well, everyone says that you need to look at the big picture and all that. Sometimes, the small picture is important. Why? It’s details, details and details my good man (or woman)! GOD is in the details. If you don’t believe that, go get a microscope. Anyways, I think it’s really important to sometimes have the smaller things in life. Small pleasures, a walk in a park, or just a chat over coffee. Life is short, enjoy the trip!