Fondue House – Cheese, chocolate and then some…

Garlic cheese, fragrant and delicious!

Here’s a quick and hurried review of Fondue House @ Desa Sri Hartamas… due to time constraints, lack of sleep and a whole lot of factors. Another visit is definitely in order. Overall, we’ve only tried two cheeses and one chocolate so not a large first attempt. The garlic cheese is great, not too salty and best with the breads, veggie and crackers. We had beef and seafood platter. The bacon cheese was a bit too salty, probably due to the amount of cheddar in it but it did go well with the beef and crackers. The seafood platter was the dissappointing bit since it’s basically tempura fish and prawns. How unexciting and poor. After a while, the saltiness of the bacon cheese dip got to us so the garlic cheese is still the ideal dip. It’s also alright with the meats though. For dessert, we went for the chocolate peanut butter and that was excellent. The fruit platter was generous and the choice of fruits complimented the chocolate very well. The letdown was that there were only two miserable slices of butter cake which was yummy with the chocolate. Price was rather affordable so it’s not something you’d eat everyday but with this kind of pricing, you can go for a fun outing without breaking the bank. Service is average however and parking as usual, is awful due to the location rather than anything else.

Fondue pots and spread…
Sweet chocolate ending. Yum!

Fondue House
5 Jalan 26A/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas
Tel: 03-6203 3346
Business Hours: Daily (11am-11pm)