Chronology of a Move

Names and places changed to protect the innocent 😀 but I got this early this morning and thought it was really an achievement so I decided to publicize it!!

9 am
Cycled to the new plc to meet the window blinds contractor from J (so much cheaper!! like half price!) to measure and do final confirmation for my blinds.
9.15 am
Water guy from utilities came to switch on the water for me 9.30 am i start cleaning a bit here and there, realized i don’t have enough rags or cleaning agents. cycled back to the old apt to get stuff. if i were to walk, it’ll take me around 15 minutes, but cycling takes me around 8 minutes..
10 – 10.30 am
clean and cycle to hardware store to get the 2nd set of clothes bracket for hanging clothes (you remember the ones on the ceiling where u hang the clothes on the pole, yeah, that one).
11 – 11.30 am
Electrician comes to install and lights. and the gas guy arrives too to turn on the gas for me. i realize that i counted 1 less light in my bathroom. call up the lighting shop to order the same light, wait for gas guy to finish up, jump into cab to get light & pay remaining costs and get door bell too..
11.50 am
arrive back at house to give last light to contractor. he says that he wants cash and not cheque (somehow the silly lady at the lights shop always tells the wrong instructions to customers). since it was near Chinese New Year and the electrician was nice enough to install the clothes bracket for me & the door bell for free.. i thought, what the heck right? so i hopped onto my bicycle to the nearest atm to draw out some more cash. didn’t have loads on me. already had 1K for my electrical equipment and they wanted COD. (i ordered from wholesaler cos it was so much cheaper).
1 pm
finally have a quick lunch and breathe.
then i start cleaning again the wardrobes and here and there..
2.30 pm
Roger (friend) calls up to tell me that he can only get his flatbed truck NOW instead of tmrw (sun).. can we move NOW instead? i haven’t fully packed yet, just left a bit here and there back in the old apt.. so, i say yes and wait for another friend (Joann) to come over to help me out. she says she’s a bit late and the electrical appliances delivery is running late too..last time i’d blew a gasket at the inefficiencies of those ppl, now, maybe i’m too tired or getting old and mellow.. so i tell Roger to wait a while for me back at the old apt so that i can let Joann in first and she can let the electrical delivery guys come in. Joann runs later than Roger, so i cycle back to start the 1st round of packing.
3.30 – 4.30 pm
Rush back to let Joann and electrical delivery guys in. Roger & i start unloading and Joann supervisers the installation of the washing machine.
5 pm
Roger & i go back for 2nd round.. this time i was so knackered already. but might as well right? by the time we finished loading up the truck, i had to sit at the back to prevent the mattress from flying off.. lucky the journey is only 5 minutes away. so i sit at the truck like some bangladeshi worker.
5.15 – 6.30 pm
Start unloading into the apt.
7 pm
Roger leaves and i start organizing and doing stuff.
7.30 pm
Cycle to market to have dinner.
8 pm
Start my unpacking of clothes and cleaning. saw off the poles to fit the length of the wall. boy this was tough cos i had a really tiny saw..
12 am
Shower and collapse on bed with beer.

8.30 am
Yes, i woke up so early when i should still be sleeping. but i couldn’t sleep. so i started cleaning the kitchen cabinets.
10 am
Go to church
3 – 8.30 pm
Come back from church n lunch w/ friends. start unpacking again.
8.45 – 9.30 pm
U called and we talked and i got a rest from the whole insanity!
9.45 – 11 pm
Some friends dropped by to see plc and we hung out by the pool. 1 of them accidentally drops her cell into the pool and i have to jump into the pool to rescue the phone. lucky was wearing sports bra so could take off tshirt..water was very CHILLY!!
12 pm
Jump into bed

Monday (took leave)
8.30 am
Ridiculous!! i keep waking up at this hour even though i’m wearing the eye shades.
10 am
Mailed all my guarantees at post office. buy some more poles cos not enough.
it was like some circus stunt. i was balancing 2 poles of 9 ft in length, holding onto them with my right hand on the front bicycle handle bar and i was cycling slowly. all this was done in the smaller roads.. was too lazy to walk back with the poles.
11 am
My 32″ LCD tv came. yahoo!!
12 pm
Unpack some more and had lunch
2 pm
Ikea furniture gets delivered.
2.30 pm
I start assemblying some pieces..
3.40 – 6 pm
Got another friend (Julie) to come by to help me with the assembly.
6.30 pm
Cycled furiously to hardware store AGAIN! cos discovered that the kitchen racks didn’t come with screws and the wall plug.. Roger was dropping by around 7 pm with a drill to drill the racks into the kitchen wall for me.
6.45 pm
Reach home.. Julie declares that she’s dead tired and promptly drops onto my mattress and sleeps! i assemble other stuff..while waiting for rodney
7.45 – 9 pm
Roger & i drill and finish installing the racks.
9.15 – 10.30 pm
I clean kitchen from mess, have some maggi mee and start on other stuff again. start moving the bags into the storeroom shelves and books into the bookshelve.
11 pm
Nick drops by with my supper and I eat a bit and finally Julie wakes up and we all talk till 12.30 am.
1 am
jump into bed aft a quick shower

7.30 am
back at work..and i still have 1 more computer table to assemble!! still going to ikea with Nick tonight to get other stuff i missed out on..

By the way, it’s not me… I think I’ll be a bit more chaotic but then again, I’ve my own truck!