Another milestone…

on the journey of life. It’s time to stop, think and take stock.
To appreciate our parents despite their many failings;
To thank people who have made an impact on our lives;
To love people and use things; (and not the other way around)
To remember friends no longer with us;
To accept the morons who show us how horrible humanity can be;
(without darkness how do you see the light?)
To be grateful for shared joys, pleasures and pains;
To pray for God is larger than all our problems put together.

So as I sit back at work, stuffed full from a hearty Korean lunch, thanks to everyone who sent wishes via email, sms, etc. I may not have globs of money, but I feel like a millionaire with all of you. You can’t buy true friendship and love so I’m thankful to God for each one of you and for the most special person on this earth. The best birthday gifts don’t come boxed and wrapped… xoxoxo