The T3 Dog

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Thanks to the TTT. Last night, I was wondering about what the name of the doggie should be. Well, you know, it has the same color as my very first dog called Speedo cos he’d run a hundred feet per second (basically from my gate to the back yard), but I’ve few dogs and cats throughout the years. My friend’s alaskan husky Tasha also comes to mind because she’s also white and brown for unknown reasons (when have you seend a husky with any hint of brown?). The name Teatree (T3, TTT) came to mind cos I also like trees and drink tea (not as much as someone) although for some reason the name Titty-t came up as well!!! Anyway, since I’ve fond memories skiiing with Tasha (heck, that dog can fly on snow!), I’ll call this doggie Tasha.

In a Christmas mood already!