The Perfect Curry

icon_ltgray_open_quoteThis curry was like a performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony that I’d once heard…..especially the last movement, with everything screaming and banging ‘Joy.’ It stunned, it made one fear great art. My father could say nothing after the meal. icon_ltgray_close_quote
~ Anthony Burgess

The Ipoh Hour! (click for larger view!)

Ipoh’s famous curry noodle is at Sin Seng Fatt and it’s located at Jalan Market, Ipoh Old Town. The curry noodle is spicy and fragrant with generous servings of prawns and ‘char-siew’. It tastes even more delicious when generous amount of lemon juice is added in the curry noodles. Apparently, the curry paste here is so good that it’s packed and sent to franchises in Hong Kong.