The amazing weekend…

Extending my line of Everlastings

Friday started off well, but with changing plans and shifting itineries, dinner was 50% and so was the location – a prelude to the fluidity of the weekend’s activities!

Gourd Flower

A Saturday to get some chores and gardening done plus perhaps an hour in the gym became the amazing race with a delicious home cooked lunch followed by a lazy start to photo arrangements for a gift which suddenly turned into a panicked rush to get a last minute photo printed. The wrapping was also another challenge! Throw in a sudden request to get ‘Long Yoke‘ meant a reshuffling of the rest of the day’s itinery. Good thing we dropped the gym out of the schedule.

More gourds

Seventy-five kilometers later, we back home and dinner’s gone from restaurant to restaurant and finally, it’s decided. Oh wait, another suprise crops up and we have to rush to a nearby store to get a critical item! Oh joy! That’s not it. After having printed the photos for the Family day, I forget that I’ve to burn CDs for each customer. Last minute CD late night CD burning results and I can finally sleep at 1am! Sunday’s a bit better and managed to soak in a pool for an hour. A short nap in the afternoon and lots of gardening to do. Darn, I need to look for my hike and camp stuff for next weekend’s Chiling Falls trip. Where’s my portable camp shower, my pots and pans and my stove??

So that’s how it forms!