SHFT !?!

Strawberry Honey French Toast!

Yummy! Delicious!

Read on for the recipe!Ingredients – Serves two:
-Four slices of bread (white, wheat, whatever)
-Some butter and Olive oil
-About 8 medium sized strawberries and One banana
-2 large eggs

Not exact ingredients – No banana!
Beat egg…
Chop up banana and strawberries

Butter one side of bread lightly. Mash the banana slices into rough paste, mix with strawberries. Dip bread into egg, coating both sides evenly. Heat pan with olive oil (3 tblspoons should be enough). Fry bread over medium heat.

Pour fruit mix into center of bread!

Pour fruit mix into center of bread immediately, then coat second slice and cover over first slice.

Press lightly to make bread stick.

Fry till both sides golden brown. Flipping only once (after about 3 minutes).

Serving suggestion 😀

Add more strawberries on the side, some whipped cream or sprinkle icing sugar to serve!
Fruit, protein, carbohydrates – the balanced breakfast of champions!!!