Project Busy-ness

Been rather busy for the past few days with quite a bit of activities and work. That’s one reason there’s a big gap between entries now – oh, the network access where I am right now just plain sucks.
There’s the project to complete and now that the photography has been completed, the second part is proving to be equally difficult. In addition, there’s a whole bunch of other time-consuming, strength sapping and sleep reducing things to do. Not to mention a whole lot of birthdays every week. Hmm, I think six birthdays in a month is quite a lot of prezzies to buy and dinners to attend (and pay for). I expect October won’t be much different but hopefully the project will be completed by then (so more free time) and there are actually REAL holidays in the month of October!

What’s the project? Well, it’ll be revealed in due time so patience, grasshopper. Happy Birthday anyway to all the September babies!