On a Zzz Monday

Cat Tail

It’s been a long, stressful week that went by. Mid-week status meetings going nowhere. Irrational customer demands, lack of sleep, friday night rollover was close to a mini-disaster of sorts, low sugar levels, and heck, stuff going all directions, unexpected things happening in all places. The framing shop failing to frame a critical gift. My tenant is not paying his rent, oh the joys of a terrible week.

Well, I’ve to start finishing the portrait photos we’ve done for the family day. While generally the photos turned out great, there’s a few with exposure and lighting issues. If there’s any evidence that one should always shoot RAW (besides articles like this and this), this is it. It’s like you’re using half your fancy all-singing all-dancing digital SLR. It’s like why settle for 256 shades of each color when you can have 4096! If the difference isn’t obvious, I don’t know what is. Looks like it’s time to crank up Photoshop!

Oh, the farm is doing well in terms of long beans and broccoli which are growing well. Th guourds aren’t fruiting for a strange reason but my cattails are sprouting! Yay! The weekend was packed with acitivities and chores. Lots more gardening and landscaping to do but I think I’ll wait for a long weekend or a short break somewhere…