Of spam and waterfalls…

Last Sunday’s (March 13th) Chiling trip capped off an extremely packed weekend of activity! It was a great trip however, probably one of the best for me (hey I should know, I’ve been there 6 times!). With excellent weather, the sun showing her face at the right moment when we’re splashing around icy chiling waters, good food (read noodles, coffee, hot chocolate, green tea, tuna and leong yoke sandwiches, pan fried spam and sausages…), superb company, a nice campsite, a waterfall, hey what else do you need to be happy?

Olive oil, pepper, spam- Fry!

Despite a chaotic start with every car going in the wrong direction and waiting at the other toll, the drive was quick and smooth with little traffic. Arriving at about 9am, we began the hike almost immediately, taking about 2.5 hours to get to the falls. While the initial mud, ferns and lalang made going difficult, the river crossings were always the highlight and the stairmaster proved to be quite surmountable.

At the falls, all the weariness fell away and once the hot food and drink appeared, it was bliss. The water however proved why this is place is called Sungai Chiling!!! It’s not so difficult once you’ve some hot food though. One tip: It’s easier to just dunk yourself in one fell swoop — it’s a shock but why prolong the agony!

The hike back started about 3pm and went at a much faster pace. Arriving back at the car park, we decided that it was too late to have seafood at Rawang so we just feasted instead on our coconuts that we’ve brought all the way here. A nice ending to a most enjoyable day!

The photos by Mun Leng are here.

Sungai Chiling Expedition Trekmetertm:
Campsite: 3’35.6568″N 101’45.0552″E altitude 1376ft
Entry point: 3’35.7054″N 101’44.2434E altitude 883ft (parking)
Avg Ingress speed: 1.02km/hr
Avg Egress speed: 1.27km/hr
Distance covered: ~4.516km (both ways)
Waypoints plotted: 29

p.s. I’ll be leading a group of Rotarians to Chiling some time in April so if you’re interested again…