Melaka – The historical city (food trip!)

Sometimes, people (mostly at work!) wonder why I look terrible on Monday… Usually it’s because it’s just Monday. Also, many times, it’s due to the fantastic weekend escapades that sort of leaving you happy, satisfied but rather hungover on the Monday morning that snuck up on you and the blissful weekend just vanished in a single eye-blink. Last Saturday, a convoy (if you can call it that) of three cars made our traditional Makan and Photo trip down to Melaka. While heavier traffic slowed us a bit, the heat was the critical factor in preventing us from getting through our itinery!

Photo stopovers
– Malacca’s dutch square – The Stadhuys: Christ Church & Clock tower and possibly a huge iguana at the square
– Malacca town and ‘hutongs’ (the back lane and nostalgic alleys)
– Jonker street’s antique market
– The fortress – A’famosa fort
– Baba and Nyonya heritage
– Bukit Cina – to capture the straits of malacca at the top of the hill (sunset)
Jonker Street in the evening
– All the makan places

Makan stops
– Famous chicken ball rice – lunch
– Famous cendol – dessert
– Famous hainanese satay (die die must try – can’t find in KL) – teatime
– Baba & nyonya food (dinner)
– Fried oyster (ho-chien) – side dish
– Roti John – dessert
– Satay Celup – early supper
– Famous nyonya kuih-muih at Jonker street (to go)
– Famous Ba-chang (to go)

To cut a long story short, we managed just about half the above itinery but returned to KL just after 11pm tired, sweaty, but quite satisfied. The photos are here.