In Bolehland…

In Bolehland, prices go up and never come down. Your wages however stay the same. With the recent hike in fuel prices, I made an average calculation for myself. The past four months, I’ve been averaging 2200km monthly. That translates roughly to about RM200 in diesel fuel. With the 0.20 increase, I’ll end up forking out about RM240. On an annual basis, we talking about almost RM500 more per year! It’s time they cut the exorbitant diesel road tax.
Price Hike from May 5
Services to cost 40% more due to diesel price increase
Also, only in Bolehland do they compare prices after currency conversions. So what if the tiny-islanders pay RM3.60/liter and we pay RM1.45? We don’t earn their currency and they don’t pay 3.60 of their equivalent currency for a liter of fuel either!