I of the Dragon…

icon_gray_open_quoteAs you carefully pick one up with your chopsticks, you could literally see the weight of the soup stretching the translucent skin down. The best Xiao Loong Bao has skin so thin yet it has enough elasticity to hold the delicate balance of dough, soup and meat in it. icon_gray_close_quote
Good service, excellent decor (red walls, terra cotta warriors, glass partitions and red curtains!) and affordable prices, but most of all, the FOOD is good. Very authentic Shangai and Beijing cusine, similar to Crystal Jade but I feel the Xiao Loong Bao here is most excellent! The beef la mian was simply divine as well with it’s thick juicy and tender beef pieces and sweet flavorful soup, it’s a must try. The Shangai Dumplings with chives were also pretty good. There were lots of other items we could not try but Food adventurers never give up and this place certain warrants a second or third (or maybe tenth) visit!

Xiao Loong Bao
Tender beef and yummy soup!

Dragon I, 1 Utama New Wing, S313A. (Review to be continued :D)