For a gray Monday

B&W Sunflower

Was up just as the sun was rising this morning and with all the clouds, it doesn’t look like the sun has risen very much till now. I suppose it could be just that today is Monday. I’ve got four more days in exile. The past weekend went past so quickly, it felt like there wasn’t one to begin with! The sunflower above was shot in JPEG (duh! Yeah, I forgot to switch the quality back to RAW+JPEG) so I decided to turn it into a monochrome shot (achieved by using only the red channel). Took it yesterday evening in-between moving heavy laden pots of sunflowers, transplanting a whole bunch of gourds and Japanese roses (sorry don’t know the real name for them — will post a photo soon) and a whole lot of brick, pot and earth-moving.

For reasons unknown, my access card to a certain logistics company’s regional HQ in Cyberjaya stopped working July 1st. Unfortunately I could not take it as an excuse not to show up at work so I’m in early in order to snag one of those limited edition prized visitor tags that can open the exits so that I can be out by 5:30… or so I hope. Enough rambling I suppose for the Monday. Excuse me, I’ve a light lunch to get to.