Cups and Living

Unveiling Beauty

One day, a group of University students had a reunion and decided to pay their professor a visit.
The professor glimmered with joy naturally and asked them their wellbeing. And this mild question had unexpectedly had the students blurting out their displeasures in their life.

One by one stated their unhappiness:
Work stress, too many worries, business venture not meeting expectations, high ranking officials have their career blocked and so on. Unknowingly, all of them had become a victim in today’s fast moving world.

The professor smiled upon listening to their woes. He laid lots of cups from his kitchen onto his coffee table. The cups were of different types and shapes. There were porcelain, glass and plastic cups. Some of them looked classy and elegant while some of them looked simple and ugly.

The professor simply said “You’re all my students, please help yourself to the drinks if you are thirsty.”
Adding profusely to their woes, all were thirsty and each had taken a cup to their liking for a drink.

When all students had poured themselves a drink, the professor said “The cups you are holding are the finest and nobody is holding the simplest plastic made cup. Everybody prefers to have their cup to their liking and feel dignified.”

The professor further added “This is the root to your woes. Every one of you just needed water to quench your thirst and not a cup but we decisively go and choose the finest cup for this purpose.”

This has directly dictated our living standards. For an example, if we need water for a living, then jobs, money, status, etc are just like cups. They are just tools to hold our water which is our essential need for a living. Cups regardless of good or bad looks will not affect the quality of our water.

If everybody is putting their heart and soul in seeking for the finest cup, one will lose the basic significance of living. The pleasure of seeking water and understanding derived will not be appreciated. Inadvertently, those who seek for more will have more worries and trouble in the end.