Can Bees Count?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… attack?

Regarding our Chiling Trip victims (or casualties)…

Strangely, those who got stung were the last 3 ladies (on the way in) and the first 3 guys (none of the smokers) in line on the way out. There were not wasps, but bees.. which means there were actually 6 bees that decided to sacrifice their lives. It also looked like the other 3 bees were waiting for the first 3 guys in the group to return (on the way back) as their next target. The 2 incidents happened almost at the same spot… which was quite near to the bee hive was spotted.
The theory is as follows:
∗ Incident #1 – on the way in, the first 27 ppl in line made a lot of noise, 3 bees got really irritated and stung the last 3 ladies.
∗ Incident #2 – as the bees were still irritated, perhaps 3 bees decided to wait for the group to return and stung the first 3 ppl in line that they spotted.

In a way, 6 bees sacrificed their lives to protect and maintain peace in their homeland…. while 6 ppl in our group sacrificed some pain/tears from the stings to save the other noisy ppl from being stung.

Can you imagine if the bees held an ‘extraordinary meeting’ regarding noise pollution from these city folks and….. if there were 30 ‘bee volunteers’ who were willing to sacrifice their bee-lives….that would have been a disaster for the whole group. well, in a way it was just a bee sting and there were no other major injuries.

Does this mean that bees can count too? ie first 3 and last 3? I wonder….