Upcoming trips…

Here’s a tentative list of trips for the near future…

July 24th/25th – Gunung Datoh overnight climb/camp
August 7th/8th – Gunung Nuang overnight climb/camp
August 14th – Sanofi/Roche Sungai Chiling Trip
August 21st – Gua Tempurung / Ipoh day trip
September 25th/26th – Kijang Jatoh wilderness camping
November 20th/21st – Liang East Perak overnight climb/camp

Let me know if you need a trip ;-D
Status correct as of publication: all trips are subject to confirmation. Italicized trips are very tentative while trips listed in bold are confirmed. Pathfinding trips are listed below and are also tentative if dates are given.

-Sungai Sendat campsite (July 31st)
-Sg Kerling / Kerling Falls
-Lata Berembun
-Gunung Bunga Buah
-Tunggul Mossy Forest