Splashing time at Chiling!

We’re back! It’s tiring, it took a long time, but I think I can say for everyone that it was a smashing good time. The photos are being ‘worked’ on, I mean considering some R-rated material and all that sort of thing. I’ll edit this entry to add a link to the photos in a bit. For a trip report click the ‘View extended entry’ below…

For photos, click here.

In a nutshell, on March 13th, we all woke up early and met at Kong Weng’s place at 6:45am… leaving for KKB, we arrived around 9+am, averaging about 78.4km/h. Getting ready and all took several minutes and the hike proper began. I’d say everyone fared ver y well, Yi-Shen included and while the going was slower, it was fun. River crossings were handled capably, and most importantly, no one got hurt.

After losing GPS signals in the canopy, we ended up on a dead-end trail that looked like Shelob’s lair. Backtracking, we found the right track and arrived at the upper falls. Once there, the stove came up, water boiled for coffee, the gamblers started their card game, and the swimming, shivering and the usualy stuff happened. Soon, we left about 1pm which was none too soon since a light drizzle started but we all walked on and reach back to the parking area (which suddenly has been filled with vehicles all over) just past 2pm. Then, it’s ‘BKT’ , what else?

Apologies for several photos where I forgot to wipe the water droplets of the waterproof housing.