Burma, stuff and then some…

Unbelievably, I leave for Burma in 10 days.
Stocked up on CF cards and my Nixvue came from from warranty service but basically not ready. I guess it’s always that you’ve been waiting so long for your trip that it basically sneaks up on you!

Anyway, went for a refreshing hike/run at Bukit Gasing. It’s good to do these things once in a while to get yourself out of the city mindset. I know Bukit Gasing isn’t really a jungle but it’ll do in a short notice. Oh, the Taman Connought Dim Sum was excellent 😀 and I apologize for the lack of pictures (have to put my CF cards here :-P) since they sat us in a rather dark area and the gloomy sky didn’t help matters. Not to worry, there’s another Dim Sum trip coming right up.

BTW, My calendar’s putting Sg Chiling again in late November/Early December along with probably Melaka food trip plus Gunung Datoh reloaded.